Tracker Certifications

The purpose of RMT's certification process is to identify structures of abilities and responsibilities for proper field assignment of team members. We hope the process also encourage members to achieve additional skill Certifications, and positions of leadership.

RMT does not certify trackers. Members will only be certified by the following tracking Schools: Joel Hardin Professional tracking Services (JHPTS), Universal tracking Services (UTS), and schools that have equal or higher standards AND are approved by the Executive Board. Members must possess an active certification level with one of the approved tracking schools to qualify for any Tracker ratings.

RMT has one Field Leadership role, and that is Tracking Team Leader who operates under the direction of the Field Coordinator. The qualifications to be a Tracking Team Leader can be found here: RMT Tracking Team Leader

The current criteria for achieving the different ratings from JHPTS or UTS can be found on their respective websites and links are provided here:

Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services Certifications

Universal Tracking Services Certifications